Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exciting Sounds News And Updates For July 3, 2013

I just want pass along a few quick messages about The Exciting Sounds Project. First off, I'm glad people have been enjoying my Facebook page, Twitter feed and Tumblelog, they've been pretty active lately, and thanks to everyone who follows. :D

Also, my main website has grown -- there are now more discographies (including several subsidiaries of the Synthetic Plastics Company -- Diplomat Records and their Rocking Horse series, as well as Guest Star Records), plus more liner notes and other odds and ends. Click here to go straight to the "database."

The "database" is very primitive code-wise. I'm still prototyping all of this stuff, and it might be kind of "skeletal" until I get everything straightened out. The content is still first-class though, so don't let functionality keep you from checking it out. ;)

Anyway, until I write another review, have an excellent one! :D

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