Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oscar Brand - Sports Car Songs For Big Wheels (LP, 1960)

Oscar Brand
"Sports Car Songs For Big Wheels"
Elektra EKL-188, mono [1960]

While Brand is a relatively big name in mid- to late- century folk music, this album tends toward a more humorous disposition in the old novelty song tradition. It also seems to be one of his more obscure works, since it's long out-of-print and scarcely accounted for on the interweb.

Those familiar with Brand may know of his radio show at WNYC --- Oscar Brand's Folksong Festival --- which first premiered on Dec. 10, 1945. Regardless, Brand has composed a very healthy repertoire (wikipedia says over 100 albums and no fewer than 300 songs) and has generally made a good name for himself in the musical arena.

Over the years, I've encountered a decent number of his records released on a variety of labels, including the Bawdy Songs series on Audio Fidelity and others on ABC-Paramount, Elektra and Roulette. Judging the records by their covers alone, Brand's creative streak was a force to be reckoned with.

I listened to this LP three times over a period of a week or so, and although it took a little time to grow on me, once it did the material here virtually came to life. Brand was/is an extremely talented and competent songwriter who has a way with rhyming lyrics and visual storytelling. This album also features different voices depending on what is being conveyed, and the contrasting personalities work very well, in my humble opinion.

In a nutshell, this is a very likable album and one that deserves your thirty minutes. Check it out for yourself below! :)

Track 02: "That's What I Should Have Said"

Track 06: "Accessories After The Fact"

Track 06: "Classified Ads"


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  2. This is scene is very nice to this car.

  3. My parents had this album when I was a kid. We were certainly a sports car family with a Jaguar XK 150 and a 1955 T-Bird. A family friend started with an Austin Healey 3000 Mk II and then went to a Jaguar E-type. My brother and I both loved this recording and it certainly does grow on you. We still sing some of the songs today.


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